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From Vinyl Flooring Inside to Artificial Turf Outside

We know that living in the outback can be tough. So we’ve made our flooring solutions tougher – vinyl, epoxy, carpet, polished concrete look-a-like and artificial turf. Even our swimming pool epoxy seal and coating can take on anything.

Whatever you choose, know that Floor Worx are there for you from start to finish – from the first on site measure and quote through to the final removal of your old flooring and total clean up..

Tough Flooring Solutions For Tough

Queenslanders & Northern Territorians

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is created by mixing resin with a hardening chemical. The result is a rigid plastic which can be used as a floor by building up multiple thin applications (2mm thick or more), or a coating (less than 2mm thick).

FWA - Epoxy Floor

Our customers enjoy the following benefits of Epoxy on their floors:

◈ Durability: As a hard plastic, epoxy is designed to take heavy loads and regular use.
◈ Ease of cleaning: Almost magically, our epoxy floor coatings repel water and stains. It’s all part of its smooth, chemically resistant surface.
◈ Workplace Health and Safety Standards: Whilst it may sound slippery, our epoxy now comes as a seamless surface with anti slip capabilities to meet Industry Workplace OH&S standards Australia wide.
◈ Artistic appearance: Colours, patterns, flakes within, application in shapes or patterns, the possibilities of epoxy are endless.

Epoxy has been used by both commercial / industrial locations as well as in private residences.

Let’s Talk Turkey About Epoxy

Carpet Installation

Carpet needs no introduction. Suffice to say if you get it from us, you know it will be darn good carpet.

Whether you are looking for Mt Isa carpet or carpet in the remote outback, you can enjoy:

◈ Insulation:
Help reduce your heating bills over Winter.
◈ Sensation: For those tactile individuals out there, carpet is wonderful to walk on barefoot.
◈ Acoustics: Carpet absorbs noise, making it a great choice for large spaces prone to loud noises.
◈ Style: With many options to choose from, carpet can be customised to suit your needs, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere almost anywhere.

Like It Soft Under Foot?

Carpet Mt Isa - Floor Worx_3

Pool Epoxy

It’s tough work being a pool lining – in the sun and the chlorine all day long. That’s why we only work with the best when it comes to coating your pool. Whether it’s a facelift on a tired old pool or a professional coating on a new concrete finish, our pool epoxy will keep your pool happy. And a happy pool means a happy family on hot days.

Our pool epoxy coating can also be used on tired old shower bases as a sealant coating for small cracks, or a revamp of the original base when renovating.

Get Your Pool Hot Day Ready

Artificial Turf

Going artificial is a great way to go green in the outback. We all know that real grass only grows in your dreams.

Artificial turf is weather proof and won’t go brown, it doesn’t fall victim to pests and it can handle your energetic pet. No need to water this lawn and long gone are the old, prickly fake grass finishes from ‘back in the day’.

While we can’t grow it for you, we have kept it home grown, supporting local Australian owned and made suppliers for all our artificial turf requirements.

If You Want It Both Green And True Blue

Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Polished Concrete Flooring Mt Isa - Floor Worx_6

Polished Concrete Alternative

Traditional polished concrete is expensive and involves a lot of grinding down the layers. Our polished concrete alternative saves you up to 50% compared to traditional methods and is a lot more efficient.

We simply grind the first 2 layers, exposing the aggregate, then apply a clear liquid resin for a similar hard wearing result. Perfect for retail spaces, warehouses and designer homes.

For A Polished Look You’ll Love At A Price Your Bank Will Support


We say “No” to Grandma’s ugly lino kitchen floor!

Vinyl and vinyl tiles have come a long way and are popular again for all the right reasons:

◈ Design options include choice of colour, pattern and texture, woodgrain-look, tile or stone

◈ Durability and ease of use as a strong low maintenance, seam sealed smooth surface

◈ Comfort and warmth through the use of the right underlay

Vinyl floors are regularly being used as a great alternative to timber flooring; the look of timber with the durability of vinyl. Some customers say people can hardly tell the difference without getting up close and personal to the floor.

Timber Look Flooring Mt Isa - Floor Worx_14

Fancy A Darn Good Alternative To Wooden Floors?